"I have known Michael Nail and many of his Enlightened Energy Team for over 20 years. They are people I respect, have great integrity and are committed to bringing the best energy saving solutions to our Industry."

Dorothy Carty-Daniel, Chairperson, Perth Amboy (NJ) Housing Authority

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Our experts in Public Housing and Affordable Housing will connect you with the optimal energy efficiency and green building solutions.

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We have partnered with some of the most innovative and creative companies in the energy efficiency industry.

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Energy management, energy monitoring, physical needs assessments, energy audits, energy and water conservation, geothermal, solar, wind power.

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Our Enlightened Team
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​Our Enlightened Business Philosophy
Enlightened Energy Solutions (EES) is a different kind of energy company. We understand the Affordable Housing Industry and we believe in honesty, openness and fairness. We operate with the belief that there is an enlightened way to conduct business that honors all. We have an unwavering commitment to the highest level of ethics and personal and professional integrity and we work hard to find the best and the highest solution for our affordable housing energy clients. We have a commitment to building community and the quality of life for all citizens and we also have made a commitment to give back to our communities. EES is a division of Enlightened Enterprises, Inc. a 31 year old family run business owned by Marjorie and Michael Nail.

Our Goal
At EES, our goal is to create win-win community-based enlightened energy outcomes. Through our network of quality companies and known and respected Industry professionals we help you to access innovative, proven and affordable energy and water savings products and services and show you how to fund them.  

Focusing on Solutions Rather Than Problems
During these unprecedented and challenging financial times, EES will help focus your resources on energy solutions that will reduce costs quickly and put your organization in a better position to be successful. By making some strategic changes now in how your organization manages and consumes energy, you can quickly increase your operating income by reducing your utility costs. 

Choosing your Energy Vendors and Proven Products Wisely
EES works with a select number of quality world class companies that have products and services that will maximize your energy savings and will stand behind their products!  Some of our Preferred Partners: 

Bloom Energy Inc. - The leader in new fuel cell technology to reduce electricity costs.

2rw Consulting, Inc. – Our world class environmentally focused energy engineering partner

AEDG – A leader and innovator in resilient solar, fuel cell and distributed generation solutions

Nextility – Our energy friendly power and gas provider that provides affordable rates without cost to our customers

National Hot Water Inc. - A leader and innovator in water efficiency with a full line of water heating and water and capital saving solutions including geothermal and a wide range of conventional products.

Enlightened Energy Solutions
Energy Saving Products, Services, and Advice for the Public Sector
Enlightened Energy Solutions: Energy Saving Products, Services, and Advice - You Can Trust.
Energy Saving Products, Services, and Advice - You Can Trust